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Boosting attractiveness of EU financial markets by facilitating investors’ access to market data.

EuroCTP will deliver a robust and compliant pre and post trade real-time consolidated tape giving investors a one-stop-shop transparent and low cost view of trading data for all shares and ETPs trading in the European Union. EuroCTP products will be co-designed with the financial community, servicing professional market participants, retail investors and academics.

EU capital markets’ premier reference source of data

Why EuroCTP?

  • EuroCTP provides a comprehensive, standardised and consistent source of reference for market data on EU shares and ETPs. It aggregates, in real time, data from all 300 trading and trade reporting venues yielding a high standard of transparency. It gives users the exhaustive view on all trades executed in Europe and generates the consolidated best buy and sell limits available.

    The consolidated tape is highly regulated and built to last. For this reason high technical standards are enshrined in EuroCTP’s culture, and this extends beyond its core operations.

  • EuroCTP is built by experts and in collaboration with experts. EuroCTP promotes transparent capital markets, bringing the full breadth of available liquidity to light in the EU while keeping the entire capital markets ecosystem in mind. The consolidated tape is intended to support investor inclusion by providing simple, equal data access to all. 
    EuroCTP’s governance allows a constructive dialogue with all parties. We serve the needs of the market ecosystem: buy side, sell side, trading venues, retail investors, academics, and regulators. 

  • EuroCTP is a European company that acts in the best interests of the European financial industry and, by extension, the European economy. The EuroCTP team is fully located in Europe and our founding partners are cornerstones of the industry with a proven track record of supporting the EU’s economic and social development. 
    We are proud supporters of the European project and stand ready to participate in the development of the EU’s Single Market. 

  • EuroCTP is committed to delivering a consolidated tape in accordance with high ESG standards. Environmental considerations are built-in from the design phase through to implementation and operations. 
    It is our conviction that data storage will be one of the biggest challenges facing the financial services industry. In that regard, providing one central data access point will, over time, lead to efficiencies. 

We are engaged, European and built by and with experts

EuroCTP was created in 2023 and will participate in the European Commission and ESMA’s call for tender to design, deliver and operate the consolidated tape for shares and ETPs. A long-awaited component of the EU Capital Markets Union planned for Q3 2025.

Discover how EuroCTP is building the consolidated tape

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