Introduction to EuroCTP

EuroCTP is the truly European initiative to establish a consolidated tape (CT) in the EU. EuroCTP aims to participate in the future selection process for the provision of a consolidated tape (CT) for equities in the European Union. 

EuroCTP will strive to provide the best solution for the provision of a consolidated tape in the European Union. The company aims at fostering transparency, fairness and access to market data for all investors by providing a fully consolidated view of the European equity and ETFs markets. 

Among its goals are: 

  • creating a consolidated tape offering a comprehensive, standardized, and consistent picture of the European trading landscape and
  • making available a well-governed, robust, and resilient consolidated tape in a cost-effective way, in compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

EuroCTP B.V. was incorporated as a Dutch company on August 23rd, 2023, in the Netherlands. Its shareholders are 14 European exchanges and exchange groups, operating regulated markets in 25 EU countries. A fully-fledged two-tier governance structure has already been set up. The founding investors will not participate in daily operations.



EuroCTP appoints leadership and achieves a key milestone in its development.